best 25 male golfers of all time

Listed below are standing of the best 25 male golfers of all time. You know what they say about opinions. All these are ours.
Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time. No, he has doubted Jack Nicklaus' record for most victories, and it is looking like that he never will.
A lot of individuals think Woods can not be called the greatest before or unless he defeats on the record of Jack. Because in golfers we can not consider one number, I'm not among these, of course. If amount of majors determines only the greatest-ever won, then why bother with Top 25 or Top 10 or Top 100 lists? List the golfers in sequence of majors and call it a day. But nobody does this, because other factors issue.
We must analyze the totality of the album, both the golfers' career achievements, their seasons. And Woods beats at Nicklaus on most counts. Woods won cash titles scoring titles of the Year awards - over Nicklaus. Woods has. Woods has seasons and also his finest seasons are much better than Nicklaus' seasons.
The majority of Nicklaus' contemporaries - Palmer, Watson Miller - have stated that Woods' greatest was Nicklaus' . Jack has acknowledged that.
Watson stated to Nicklaus, "Bear, he is the very best, is not he?"
The amounts are significant in golfers but they need to be viewed in context. The elevation of Woods' achievements - both regarding numbers of wins annually, at how he dominated championships, at how he dominated individual figures, at the great number of creature seasons he has had, and also the tremendous totals he has piled up in wins and figures - create him in my view (and you know what they say about opinions), not merely the best-ever, but readily that the No. 1 on this listing. That is because Woods has the quantities that are big, but his feats were realized by him from the most bizarre, most-talented era.